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Map Name
eye of the storm [v1.002]
Team Size
5 v 5
Map Type
Custom Scenario
  • Description
Epic sized map 4 lanes. There are 3 places to find power ups. you can find them in the middle of the map, far right or far left. the jungles are in between the lanes giving enough room to hide for ganks. Recommended character selection: 4 good solos and a jungle. I think that though, they should bring in more players into one game so instead of 5v5 making the game so small i think that they should make it 9v9 or something like that
  • Scenario Description
the scenario of the map is that it is a very cold, winter like map. A bit like Grimm's crossing. The towers are covered in snow and the other buildings are as well. The legions well has bits of ice floating in it, and when an enemy walks in it shoots giant snow balls
  • Backstory
The valley of the eye of the storm has seen many wars. Many fights for dominance. But it hasn't seen anything like the legion and the hellbourne's fight. Some of these heroes may be cold hearted killers, but, the question is, are they prepared for this cold like no other
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