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Health: 530

Mana: 195

Hero Name
Falange [v1.000]
Primary Attribute
Base Attributes
Per Level Gain
Hero Backstory:
Falange is know for his strenght and valor. His love for his people gives him the strenght to fight Hellbourne itself.
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Base Attack Type
Base Attack Notes:
350 range, throws his spear manly.
  • Hero Roles
Primary Role
Secondary Role
Hard Carry
Role Notes:
A short ranged tank/hard hitter. Wears a long tower shield and a long spear.
  • Hero Abilities
Ability 1 Name
Spear of the Many
Ability 1 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 1 Notes:
A special attack that makes his spear bright white with 20/15/10/5 cd and autocast. When used his attack is increased by 15/30/45/60 damage for each allied heroe unit and 10/15/20/25 dmg for each non-heroe allied unit within 600 range. 50 mana. Max extra dmg of 250. (Adds damage directly so critical combines with this skill)
Ability 2 Name
Shield and Spear
Ability 2 Action Type
Ability 2 Notes:
Whenever a enemy hero casts a targeted spell on you or attacks you you get a defense charge. For each charge you have all dmg is reduce by 2/3/4/5 % up to 10 charges. When you reach 10 charges all charges are removed and you gain Battle Madness for increased 40/60/80/100% attack speed and 4/6/8/10% movement speed for 12 seconds. You cant gain any more charges while under Battle Madness effect.
"This is madness!"
Ability 3 Name
Ability 3 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 3 Notes:
Melee range. Kicks a target to the ground stunning them for 1.5/2.4/3.1/3.6 seconds and 25/50/75/100 magic dmg. 15 sec cd. 100 mana.
Ability 4 Name
Honor the Fallen
Ability 4 Action Type
Target - Friendly Units
Ability 4 Notes:
Marks and allied unit for 10 seconds. If the marked unit dies Falange gains 10/20/30 STR (triple if marked unit was a heroe), 10% movement speed for 12 seconds. 25/50/75 mana cost. 30 sec cd. You don't loose the current HP gained from the extra strenght. (This means you just loose the max hp gained but retain your current HP when this effect ends so it works as a heal every 30 sec, current HP can never stay over max HP. Movement speed bonus stacks with Battle Madness' Movement speed bonus)
"Tonight we dine in HELL!"
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Posted 1429 days ago
and i wanna add that defense charges are only removed by frenzy or death, aoe spells, non targeted dmgs are reduced by the currrent number of charges so u will prefer casting your aoe to him before attacking and or targeted spells.
Posted 1429 days ago
yeah probably a bit too long. and increase cd a bit. its like knight davions stun. remember is melee range one target
Posted 1429 days ago
Interesting concept, I really like the idea of his ult increasing his damage and health when an friendy dies. The stun seems a bit long for a non channle though, i would reduce it to like 2 seconds. Everything else looks fine. T-up

Check out my heroes :D