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Health: 435

Mana: 286

Hero Name
Bombardier [v1.000]
Primary Attribute
Base Attributes
Per Level Gain
Hero Backstory:
Brother of the famed evil scientist that became the Electrician, the Bombardier uses his wild mind to aid the Legion. Just a few years ago, the two brothers made amazing technical wonders together. But the Hellbourne arose and corrupted the Electrician, leaving the Bombardier with a fierce sense of vengeance. the Bombardier uses his various inventions and dangerous toys to beat the Hellbourne back into hell so far that they will finally release their evil grip on his brother.

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Base Attack Type
Base Attack Notes:
Bombardier has a shorter range attack of 350 (throws little hand-made grenades for visual). I wanted this hero to have powerful spells, but at the risk of of putting himself in some danger - as he has to get in somewhat close to do them and he is generally quite weak.

  • Hero Roles
Primary Role
Secondary Role
Role Notes:
Bombardier provides offensive support only - best helping during team battles and assisting in ganks, rather than ganking by himself. He has damage output, but also provides utility with Sticky Bomb to get vision on targets and Magnetize to bunch enemies together and slow them. With the combination of all his spells you can generally disrupt the enemies movement while making them question their position on the battlefield.
  • Hero Abilities
Ability 1 Name
Ability 1 Action Type
Target - Ground
Ability 1 Notes:
The Bombadier tosses a Molotov cocktail causing a fire at the target location. Enemies who walk into this area catch fire and take a DOT, while standing in the area will cause an additional DOT.

Target 400 AOE on the ground bursts into flames.
Enemy units that touch the AOE catch fire, giving them a DOT that stays on them.
In addition, the AOE itself does a DOT to anybody who remains in it.
Both the DOTs last the same amount of time as the duration of the AOE (10 seconds)

(1) Standing in AOE does 25 damage per second / fire debuff DOT does 10 damage per second
(2) Standing in AOE does 30 damage per second / fire debuff DOT does 15 damage per second
(3) Standing in AOE does 40 damage per second / fire debuff DOT does 20 damage per second
(4) Standing in AOE does 45 damage per second / fire debuff DOT does 25 damage per second

Damage Type - Magic
Range - 450
Duration - 10 seconds
Mana cost - 80
Cooldown - 16 / 14 / 14 / 12
Ability 2 Name
Sticky Bomb
Ability 2 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 2 Notes:
The Bombadier tosses a sticky bomb onto target unit which will detonate in 10 seconds or whenever Bombadier chooses to detonate before that. The explosion does AOE damage to enemy units.

Target unit (enemy or allied) - that unit has the Sticky Bomb applied to them.
10 seconds after casting the Sticky bomb will blow up causing AOE damage to enemy units.
Upon casting, Bombardier temporarily gains the sub-skill Detonate.
The Sticky Bomb can be blown up at any time before the 10 seconds is up by using Detonate.

- While a unit has the Sticky Bomb on them the Bombardier and his allies gain vision of the target.

(1) 100 damage in a 300 AOE
(2) 150 damage in a 350 AOE
(3) 225 damage in a 400 AOE
(4) 275 damage in a 450 AOE

Damage Type - Magic
Range - 350
Duration - 10 seconds max or until detonated
Mana cost - 90 / 100 / 110 / 120
Cooldown - 20 / 18 / 16 / 15 seconds
Ability 3 Name
Ability 3 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 3 Notes:
Using one of Electrician's abandoned inventions, the Bombadier gives an enemy unit a magnetic shock. The target gets a slowing aura around him and at higher levels has magnetic "pulses", quickly pulling the target's allies closer to him.

Target enemy unit gets a magnetic shock, temporarily giving them a movement speed slow aura affecting his allies (not the target himself) and causing magnetic "Pulses" around the target.
A "Pulse" sucks in the target's allied units (within 600 range) by 400 units initially or until they collide with the target.
A Pulse moves affected units at max movespeed.
A Pulse happens upon casting, and then at 2 second intervals afterwords at higher levels.
The distance units are moved from the Pulses lowers from the first Pulse to the last - they get weaker each time during the lifetime of the debuff. (400 units first, then../ 350 / 300 )

(1) 25% movespeed slow aura (300 radius) to target's allies/ 1 Pulse
(2) 30% movespeed slow aura (300 radius) to target's allies/ 1 Pulse
(3) 35% movespeed slow aura (300 radius) to target's allies/ 2 Pulses
(4) 40% movespeed slow aura (300 radius) to target's allies/ 3 Pulses

*Again, the targeted unit does not suffer any effects himself , his allies do.
Also, you can target an enemy unit - not just heroes.

Range - 350
Mana cost - 90 / 105 / 120 / 140
Duration - 6 seconds
Cooldown - 20 seconds
Ability 4 Name
Air Strike!
Ability 4 Action Type
Self Position
Ability 4 Notes:
The Bombadier calls his assistant Twitch to fly in on his hot air balloon and drop bombs over the area of Bombadier's location during cast time. Although it takes some time for Twitch to arrive!

When cast, your assistant Twitch will fly over head 6 seconds later and drop bombs over in a line where you cast the spell.
The line direction is based on what direction Bombardier was facing at the time of the cast - (the center of the line being his position, and the direction going through his front/back).
5 explosions occur along the line, from one side to the other in the space of 2.5 seconds.

(1) 5 explosions each dealing 150 magic damage in a 400 AOE, spread out along a 1000 unit line.
(2) 5 explosions each dealing 200 magic damage in a 400 AOE, spread out along a 1000 unit line.
(3) 5 explosions each dealing 250 magic damage in a 400 AOE, spread out along a 1000 unit line.

Total damaging area is a line 1000 units long and 400 units wide

Takes 6 seconds for Air Strike to arrive.
Damage Type - Magic
Mana cost - 100 / 120 / 140
Duration - 2.5 seconds
Cooldown - 60 seconds

*If an enemy is standing still, the most they can get hit by is 3 explosions - which would equal 750 magic damage at level 3.
Also, as soon as you cast this there will be a graphic on the ground (only visible to allies) showing exactly where the explosions will hit, along with a countdown showing how long before Twitch arrives.
The purpose of this is to encourage your team to keep the enemy within the explosion area.

Staff of the Master Upgrade - Air Strike's range becomes global, but you must target a unit (either Enemy or Ally). The target's position when the spell was cast becomes the target of the Air Strike.

Remember numbers can be tweaked! Vote on concept!
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Posted 609 days ago
pls check mine out Chained Warrior
Posted 612 days ago
its bomb!!! sick. To me this is a hero that has a slightly higher skill requirement but a high level of potential ownege. =)

wanna see a hero that's kinda random and breaks the rules a lil. check my character out =) Teacher
Posted 686 days ago

lol actually he is based on this dream-hero, he submitted that concept at may 2010 and bombardier arrived in HoN at october 2010, so get your stuff right
Posted 724 days ago
Posted 724 days ago
Posted 724 days ago
Posted 731 days ago
lol this is a copy of bombardier and just chanced,he did NOT get made of this hero
Posted 791 days ago

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