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Health: 625

Mana: 260

Hero Name
Slaver [v1.003]
Primary Attribute
Base Attributes
Per Level Gain
Hero Backstory:
Slaver is a tanky Hellbourne strength hero that intimidates his foes and brings death to his enemies that are too scared to fight any longer. He deals damage to a feared enemy when he takes damage and has a higher base strength and strength gain while having lower armour and magic resist to take advantage of this.
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Base Attack Type
Base Attack Notes:
500 attack range.
Standard base attack time.
Extremely fast projectile, the animation would be Slaver whipping the enemy from afar.
Does 50-54 damage at level 1 with no items.
  • Hero Roles
Primary Role
Secondary Role
Role Notes:
Would usually be played in a side lane as he does not have good AOE creep clearing ability himself, though he could be good as an aggressive 1v1'er. In the support role he is an excellent harasser by using his first ability 'Creep' along with his passive 'Nightmare'.

His other passive 'Terrifying nature' is excellent at disrupting team fights and can be even stronger in any situation where Slaver is opposing a single enemy, with or without a team.
Lastly his ultimate 'Slaver's Command' grants nearby team mates a resistance to all crowd control effects for a short time.
  • Hero Abilities
Ability 1 Name
Ability 1 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 1 Notes:
Mana Cost: 100/90/80/70
Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Summons an uncontrollable minion that travels towards target unit at 500ms. Fears target unit for 1.5 seconds on impact and deals 60/120/180/240 magic damage.
Ability 2 Name
Ability 2 Action Type
Ability 2 Notes:
Deals 20/35/50/65 bonus damage to feared units and applies 'Touch of Evil' for 3 seconds.

Touch of Evil
The unit applied with 'Touch of Evil' takes 10/15/20/25% of all damage that Slaver takes after reductions as true damage
Ability 3 Name
Terrifying nature
Ability 3 Action Type
Ability 3 Notes:
Randomly fears an enemy unit within 250 range for 1 second every 8/7/6/5 seconds.
Ability 4 Name
Slaver's Command
Ability 4 Action Type
Self Position
Ability 4 Notes:
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Manacost: 150/175/200

On activation creates a 700 AOE aura around Slaver. This aura applies a 20/30/40% reduction to the length of time of negative crowd control effects if the allied unit is facing the enemy that applied the crowd control effect to themselves.

The aura lasts 10 seconds and is ended if Slaver dies.

Slaver's Command is not applied to Slaver himself.
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