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Health: 492

Mana: 312

Hero Name
Morpheus [v1.021]
Primary Attribute
Base Attributes
Per Level Gain
Hero Backstory:
Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams. Whenever there has been dreaming, there has been Morpheus. Whenever there has been the Lord of Dreams, there has been dreaming. Though known by many names throughout history, the oldest texts call it "Oneiros" - the Dreamer. The Lord of Dreams, in it's kingdom, has no shape or body. It is only in dreams that the Dreamer has ever takes a unique form, and even then it is most often as a dead relative or dark creature under the bed.

Morpheus first entered the light of Sol in a rural glen on the last summer Solstice. The one alleged witness of the event, a shepherd boy notorious for his fibs, is recorded as recounting: "'E just appeared, all ghost and pale-loik, roight theare. It wos empty the one time, then 'e was there the next! Wus like magic!" When the locals came to investigate the incident they found the glen empty and punished the shepherd boy for lying.

The boy's tale was later validated when a pale man, dressed in a traveler's cloak and tunic, and carrying a large sheathed sword on his back, appeared at King Jereziah's forward encampment. The mysterious stranger, thought to be a Hellbourne spy or succubus, was disarmed voluntarily at the gate and was taken in for questioning. His cloak was made of a strange material which appeared darkened, as if blanketed by a summer shadow, even when it were exposed to Sol's noontime gaze. His sword, unsheathed, was made of a beautiful white stone-like substance but weighed less than bamboo. When asked how he came by such a weapon the man replied that "the finest smiths in the world have been dreaming of a perfect sword for ten thousand years. They didn't know what it could truly be made of, or of its balance, or weight, but they all knew only that it should feel perfect to the wielder and cut only what its wielder desires."

After questioning him and determining that the stranger was likely not a succubus, the camp guards finally led the man to King Jereziah. The King knew, immediately, that the man was a visitor to the mortal plane. The king asked, "Why have you come here, endless one?" The man replied that he was the Lord of Dreams, and that all the king's subjects had known him their entire lives - and that they walked in his realm every night. He explained that he came to the mortal plane in order to save his own life. He had felt fewer and fewer mortal minds returning to his immortal realm each night, and had discovered that it was the invading Hellbourne tide which was responsible. "My dominion," he said, "is failing. Each day it is drained of possibility, and each night my power grows more dim. Though I am immortal in my own realm, I may only exist so long as the races of dreaming mortals exist to house me in their dreams. So now, in the only way I can, I have come to help. I intend to destroy those who hunt my dreamers, with or without your help."

Jereziah promised to accept the stranger into his army on the sole condition that the stranger tell him his name. The stranger paused, and considered for a moment, before replying, "I don't have one of my own. Every name that has been mine was given to me was given by another. But here, now, I would like to be called Morpheus. I take that as my name."
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Base Attack Type
Base Attack Notes:
Morpheus uses dreams instead of regular spells and a long white sword for close combat.

Morpheus is a Ganker/Support hero. His most salient combat features are:
- he's a melee intelligence hero
- his Q+W abilities are each good for helping in low-level ganks, and can be used together on himself to briefly turn him into a powerful ganker
- his E ability is powerful in the laning phase and, when leveled early, can turn Morpheus into a somewhat efficient jungler
- his E ability allows him to support well when pushing towers
- his ult is a devastating nuke and heal which scales very well into late game. Early-game, the heal allows for longevity in lane while the nuke can allow for lane dominance when paired with a good ganker
- though his ganking abilities suffer lategame with the advent of nullstones and shrunken heads, Morpheus remains present with his ultimate and buff
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Primary Role
Secondary Role
Role Notes:
Morpheus functions most easily as a support hero, but he can also become a dangerous ganker if he gets an early experience lead. He has an immense laning presence for five main reasons:
- Pleasure and Pain forces enemy melee heroes away from the creep fighting
- Pleasure and Pain also allows for considerable longevity in lane for him and his lane partners against enemies without significant burst damage
- Pleasure and Pain, when leveled early, can also make Morpheus into a reliable jungle hero
- Despair, even at level 1, is an immensely powerful spell for preventing ganks, chasing down enemies, and hunting blink heroes
- His ultimate can be used both offensively and defensively to dominate non-solo lanes
  • Hero Abilities
Ability 1 Name
Ability 1 Action Type
Target - Friendly Units
Ability 1 Notes:
Type: Single Target Allies, Self (Mixed Buff)
Cast Range: 700
Mana Cost: 30/40/50/60
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12
Duration: 10 seconds

This is a complex buff spell. The effectiveness of the spell is partially dependent upon random chance. The minimum buff of the skill is fairly low but the maximum buff is comparably high. An exceptionally lucky roll could turn around a teamfight or gank if applied to the right hero.

Level 1: Targeted allies gain between 5/10/15/20% and 20/25/30/40% movement speed for ten seconds.
Level 2: Targeted allies gain between 5/10/15% and 25/30/40% attack speed for ten seconds in addition to the spell effects of earlier levels.
Level 3: Targeted allies gain between 3/5 and 12/15 magic armour for ten seconds in addition to the spell effects of earlier levels.
Level 4: Targeted allies gain between 20 and 60 base damage or ten seconds in addition to the spell effects of earlier levels.

Visual: The "Happy" unit gets a small smiley face above their head, similar to the effect of Plated Greaves when activated (Except it applies a happy face rather than a shield)).

Sneaky Tactic:
Use the level 3-4 effects of Happiness to help a lot in ganks/teamfights while even level 1-2 can help Morpheus and his allies escape many enemy ganks.

The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.
Ability 2 Name
Ability 2 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 2 Notes:
Type: Single Target Enemies (Slow)
Cast Range: 700
Mana Cost: 130/140/150/160
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12
Duration: 6/7/8/9 seconds

Applies Depression to targeted enemy unit:

Depression: Targeted enemy loses 5% movement and attack speed per 100 units traveled. Each auto-attack the Depressed unit makes reduces attack and movement speed by a stacking 3%. Each spell cast or item used further reduces the Depressed unit's attack and movement speed by an additional 5%. If the targeted unit teleports itself, using either an item or spell, then the Depressed unit kills itself. This death does not count as a kill, but does give Morpheus an assist.

Depression is an exceptionally powerful debuff. It can, in some cases, slow down enemies to an absolute stop and prevent them from defending themselves. Used in lane, it can discourage tower diving and protect allies from chasing enemies. Use offensively, it can isolate enemy heroes and force them to either (a) stay and fight with a handicap or (b) try to escape from your faster allies.

Depression's secondary effect is that it forces enemy blink heroes to play very cautiously against Morpheus. Though killing blink heroes with Depression does not net a kill for Morpheus or his team, it does slowly handicap a blink hero's farm and can help temper an aggressive Magebane lategame by removing his escape mechanism.

Visual: The shadow beneath the targeted unit grows progressively darker and larger and darker as the unit is slowed. If the unit stands still and doesn't attack, taking no slow effects, there is no visual. At 100% movement and attack speed slow the targeted unit's shadow is pitch black and 150% its regular size.

Sneaky Tactic:
Goad an enemy hero into towerdiving against Morpheus. Quickly self-cast Happiness and, especially if you've Marchers, safely get the enemy to chase Morpheus around the tower. The enemy hero should eventually slow down to a stop within the tower's range. Morpheus can then pummel them with melee attacks and bodyblock until the tower destroys them.

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Ability 3 Name
Pleasure and Pain
Ability 3 Action Type
Ability 3 Notes:
Type: Passive aura - AOE Regeneration for allies and True Damage to enemies
Range: 500

Applies Pleasure and Pain to all targets within 500 units radius. Pleasure: Allies within 500 radius regenerate 1.5/2/2.5/3 health per second based on their current health. Pain: Enemies within 500 radius take 1.5/2/2.5/3 True Damage per second based on their current health.

1-25% health = [current level of regeneration/damage] x4 for Pleasure, x1 for Pain
25-50% health = [current level of regeneration/damage] x3 for Pleasure, x2 for Pain
50-75% health = [current level of regeneration/damage] x2 for Pleasure, x3 for Pain
75-99% health = [current level of regeneration/damage] x1 for Pleasure, x4 for Pain

-This ability can be toggled to only affect nearby heroes. When un-toggled, this ability can aggro neutral creeps.

This is a complex spell. Nearby enemies with 75-100% of their maximum health take the current level of pain x4. So Pain level 2 inflicts a base of 2 True Damage per second to nearby enemy, but up to 2x4 (8) True Damage to nearby enemies with 75-100% of their maximum health remaining. When the enemies have 50-75% of their health remaining they take 3x the current level of Pain.

Nearby allies are healed by a converse proportion. Nearby allies regenerate 1x[the level of pleasure] if they have 75-100% of their health remaining. If they've below 25% health though, they regenerate 4x[the level of pleasure].

Pleasure and Pain is a scaled harassment and laning tool which can secure lane control and opportunity for ganks. Pleasure can also be quite useful in pushing lanes quickly and early with only one creep wave as support.

Visual: No visual.

Sneaky Tactic:
Use Pain's AOE damage to prevent enemy heroes from using a portal key to escape.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
-Oscar Wilde
Ability 4 Name
Life and Death
Ability 4 Action Type
Target - Units
Ability 4 Notes:
Type: Single Target Enemies, Allies, and Self (Nuke Magic Damage and Heal)
- Two-spell ultimate
Cast Range: 800/900/1000
Mana Cost: 180/220/260
Duration: 3/4/5 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds for each spell. NOT A SHARED COOLDOWN
Action Keys: E - Dream of Life. R - Dream of Death.

This spell has two forms:

Dream of Life:
When the targeted unit dies within 3/4/5 seconds after the spell is cast, all allies in a 800/900/1000 radius are replenished for 60/75/90% of the dead unit's maximum health.

Dream of Death:
When the targetted unit dies within 3/4/5 seconds after the spell is cast, all enemies in a 800/900/1000 radius take 60/75/90% of the dead unit's maximum health in Magic Damage.

Dream of Life and Death is a two-spell ultimate which does not share a cooldown for its two spells. Dream of Life can potentially heal allies for over a thousand health points. Dream of Death can potentially deal thousands of points of Magic Damage. Dream of Life can be cast on creeps or jungle monsters to quickly regenerate a team's health in the jungle, while Dream of Death can be cast as a surprise nuke on an unsuspecting jungler.

Though these dreams are primarily team-fighting spells, they can be used to turn a single gank in lane into a double-kill against the dead enemy's laning partner. Both dream of Life and Death can be cast on a single target.

Life and Death are best used against tanky heroes for maximum effect. The key danger of targeting tank heroes with these spells is that they are often most likely to survive just beyond the 3/4/5 second lifespan of the dreams.

Dream of Life: When DoL is cast on a target the target gets a pulsating white aura for the duration. If the target dies, a pale winged shape flies straight up and a white cloud emanates from the dead unit's location at 600 movement speed. This cloud appears as a white version of Slither's ultimate and, though it moves very fast, CAN BE OUTRUN AT THE PERIPHERY.

Dream of Death: When DoD is cast on a target the target gets a pulsating dark aura for the duration. If the target dies, a shadowing bat-winged shape flies straight up and a dark cloud emanates from the dead unit's location at 650 movement speed. This cloud appears as a black version of Slither's ultimate and, though it moves very fast, CAN BE OUTRUN AT THE PERIPHERY.

Sneaky Tactic:
Goad the enemy into a ganking an allied hero. Right before the friendly hero dies cast the Dream of Death on them and initiate a teamfight immediately. Though your team will be fighting a 4v5 teamfight, the enemy team should already be quite weak after spending their spells destroying your dead ally and being damaged by the Dream of Death.

I’d rather slave on earth for another man—
some dirt-poor tenant farmer who scrapes to keep alive—
than rule down here over all the breathless dead.
- Achilles (Homer)
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Posted 882 days ago
Q : I love mechanics , chance and additional effect with each level . Impressive !
W and E : Pretty decent .
R : Is the damage done split between the enemies ? Or each one takes full damage ?
I think they should share cooldown , it'd make it more fun to have to choose between healing allies or damaging enemies . That decision can switch the team fight , which would be more fun . Nice idea though .

Overall , very nice concept . Love it !Voted up .

Please check my hero as well :
Posted 883 days ago
Posted 884 days ago
Yeah I figured as much. I put artwork in as placeholder's for what I'm sure would be S2's far better designs. If anybody has cool pictures they'd like me to post though pleasure send them in :)
Posted 884 days ago
Interesting hero, and of course, the Sandman. However, you might want to change the name and the artwork for the hero avatar, because even if this gets 100% approval, s2 can't put it in for copyright reasons.