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Health: 587

Mana: 182

Hero Name
Venom [v7.000]
Primary Attribute
Base Attributes
Per Level Gain
Hero Backstory:
Asleep for thousands of years in the depths of Newerth, the Dragon that goes by the Name of Venom was almost forgotten by Mankind.
But as the Hellboune's Army strifed the Lands they made not only the mistake to wake up this doomed Creature, but to chase him out of his lair.
Venom, engulfed in rage and agony decided to join the Legion to defend his homeland against these terrifying invaders.
With his inhuman strenght and the ability to controll fire at will, he lays waste to anyone who dares to stand in the way of his bloody vengeance.
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Base Attack Type
Base Attack Notes:
Base damage 52-54
Attack Speed 0.69 P/S.

Venom spits fireballs on the unit that he targets. The fireballs will explode when it hits the target to make a cooler visual effect.
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Primary Role
Secondary Role
Role Notes:
Venom is ranged, strength dragon hero which is supposed to be a tank with the following items :

Recommended items:

Mana potion
Minor totem
Runes of the blight
Health potion
Homecoming Stone
Fortified Bracer
Mana battery
Plated Greaves
Barrier Idol
Behemoth's Heart
Staff of the Master
Daemonic Breastplate
Frostwoolf's Skull

His flight skill makes him a good initiator, chaser since it has a good range, damage and slow. You should use it to carry your team into the teamfights rather than going in with a portal key or anything like going in after because of the tanking skills.

His second skill spit is good to save teammates and to do good AOE damage to enemy heroes who tries to gank either him or any allies. This skill requires skills in targetting because of the timing to actually hit the wanted target. Without the basic skill of timing and targetting you'll have a hard time supporting your teammates in ganks and whatever you are doing.
  • Hero Abilities
Ability 1 Name
Ability 1 Action Type
Target - Enemy Units
Ability 1 Notes:
Venom sets himself on fire and charges against the target unit, dealing magic damage to any enemy units Venom passes and debuffs enemy heroes with torn.

Level 1 ( Range 700 ) ( Damage 100 )
Level 2 ( Range 700 ) ( Damage 160 )
Level 3 ( Range 700 ) ( Damage 220 )
Level 4 ( Range 700 ) ( Damage 280 )

Applies engulfed to enemy hero units. ( Target will be set on fire )

All units that Venom passes trough will be engulfed for 4 seconds.

Engulfed - 200 touch radius, slowing ms by 15/20/25/30% regaining ms over 4 sec.
Ability 2 Name
Ability 2 Action Type
Target - Ground
Ability 2 Notes:
This skill has two states with a shared cooldown.

State 1 - Flame Spit
Venom spits fire infront of himself dealing high amount of damage to the enemy units infront of him and setting them on fire.

Level 1. 120 degree cone, 400 units, 90 damage dealt per second, duration 2 seconds.
Level 2. 120 degree cone, 400 units, 110 damage dealt per second, duration 2 seconds.
Level 3. 120 degree cone, 400 units, 110 damage dealt per second, duration 3 seconds.
Level 4. 120 degree cone, 400 units, 120 damage dealt per second, duration 3 seconds.

--------Gains Acid Spit when Evolve level 1----------
State 2 - Acid Spit
Venom spits acid on target area dealing a fair amount of damage and slowing enemies caught in the deadly pool.

Level 1. Radius 200, slows enemys by 10%, damage dealt 20 per second, duration 2 seconds
Level 2. Radius 275, slows enemys by 15%, damage dealt 25 per second, duration 3 seconds
Level 3. Radius 300, slows enemys by 15%, damage dealt 25 per second, duration 3 seconds
Level 4. Radius 300, slows enemys by 20%, damage dealt 30 per second, duration 5 seconds

This skill does not stack together with the slow debuff created from ''Flight''.
Ability 3 Name
Ability 3 Action Type
Ability 3 Notes:
Whenever attacked Venom builds up one charge, adding up to 20 Charges.
When max charges are reached, he will strike his enemies with his tail in a 400 radius around him
triggered by the next attack or spell directly aimed at Venom.

lvl 1 - deals 50 physical damage / 3% chance of triggering without max. charges.
lvl 2 - deals 80 physical damage / 5% chance of triggering without max. charges.
lvl 3 - deals 110 physical damage / 8% chance of triggering without max. charges.
lvl 4 - deals 140 physical damage / 10% chance of triggering without max. charges.

Venom gains charges from creeps, neutrals and heroes.

Charges are kept up to 10 seconds until they are set back to zero. When triggered, charges are set to zero as well.

--- Staff of the master effect ---

When equipped with staff of the master, deals additional 100 magic damage and 1 sec. stun at all levels.

Visual effect: The tail gains burning spikes, Venom leaves a trail of fire on the ground behind him.

Ability 4 Name
Ability 4 Action Type
Ability 4 Notes:
Ability 4 Notes:

lvl 1 - Venom gains 8 strenth grows a 2nd Head which grants him the ability to spit acid.

lvl 2 - Venom grows a bit bigger and tankier - gains 8 strength and 2 hp/s reg.

lvl 3 - Venom grows bigger as his movespeed increases - gains 8 strength and 50 m/s.

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