• DREAM Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the point of creating a DREAM hero?

A) Creating a DREAM hero allows you and others to contribute creativity and unique perspective that may end up directly shaping Heroes of Newerth. Even if your hero never makes it into the game, feedback and ideas will continually evolve the quality of submissions from the community and in turn, Heroes of Newerth.

Do S2 developers have a role in deciding what heroes from DREAM make it into Heroes of Newerth?

A) Yes. S2 wants to maintain the great game that Heroes of Newerth is and will continue to evolve to be. S2 will interfere as little as possible and let the community show us what they want with votes and creativity.

Will poorly designed heroes that may be voted poplar make it into Heroes of Newerth?

A) Heroes that we and others consider extremely poorly designed will be disqualified from Hero Contests during the S2 review phase.

Will heroes that win hero contests be put into Heroes of Newerth exactly as they appear on DREAM?

A) Most likely not. While we will remain true as possible to the concepts and perceived play-style of the winning hero, for the sake of balance our developers will be reviewing and editing the hero's attributes and skills accordingly.

When will I get to the chance to get my DREAM hero in Heroes of Newerth?

A) Contests will be posted by S2 staff and will have a clear date when submissions will be accepted. Contests will occur frequently throughout the year.

Will we be able to submit heroes to DREAM that are currently in other games?

A) No. The goal of DREAM is to create new ideas and play-styles that will evolve Heroes of Newerth into a better and community driven game. Any heroes currently in other games will be unpublished and locked by moderators.

Can I upload custom images for my hero's various icons and concept art?

A) This feature will be available in the very near future. We encourage designers to solidify a hero in his audience's mind by showing us what they think the hero should look like or be themed like.

If I win a hero contest will my hero look like my concept art?

A) Our staff of professional artists will look at the feel of the hero from a play-style perspective and potentially any concept art that was submitted with the hero and determine the best graphical style present the new hero in.

How do contests work?

A) Contests are comprised of 5 phases:

  1. Open Submissions: Submissions from any published hero that matches the criteria of the contest may be submitted into the contest.
  2. Round 1 Voting: The first round of silent voting occurs.
  3. S2 Review: S2 staff review the votes on the large number of heroes that have been submitted and choose several heroes to continue on to round 2 voting.
  4. Round 2 Voting: The second round of voting occurs. Scores will be presented for the duration.
  5. Victory! The winning hero is announced and the proud designer of the hero will claim his prize!

Can I edit a published hero?

No, once a hero has been published it can no longer be edited. The voting (popularity) would be undermined if a hero was allowed to gain votes and then have the designer change the content.

Do I need to fill everything out on the hero creation page?

No. Some designers really like to specify all aspects of a hero to fully narrow how the hero would play. While this may seem like an important part of creating a hero, creativity and interesting ideas are the most important part of creating a hero in DREAM.

I just created a hero and all of my friends voted 'thumbs up' on him, why is my popularity so low?

DREAM takes the entire community of heroes into account when giving you a popularity percent. It will take time and a solid hero to climb the charts of DREAM but the rewards will be worth it.

How can I make my hero stand out more and better organized?

Having creative ideas will always make your hero stand out. Limited bbcode has been enabled on all large text fields in dream except for comments. This will help you to better organize your thoughts about a hero's specifics.